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Why CITRUS 2.0?


Citrus originated by identifying and filling a void in the Blockchain GameFi market and is now on a mission of transforming other aspects of the cryptocurrency market as well. Citrus was established with the core aim of dissolving issues that were plaguing the crypto sector at the moment.

The issues found further in the crypto sector were the need for greater transparency, credibility, and a user-friendly design.

Citrus aimed to "accelerate the growth of industry by offering a new avenue of solutions with the optimum usage of the Blockchain technology and by bringing the next-gen DeFi ecosystem, valuable NFTs, user-friendly DApps, and beyond," while keeping all of the aforementioned factors in mind.

Now that we have cached the glimpse of Citrus 1.0 reframing, let’s understand how Citrus 2.0 is better than former version of citrus;

> How Citrus 2.0 is better than Citrus 1.0?

01 Upgradable smart contract addition:

Citrus 2.0 is 10x better than the former version of citrus 1.0 as it will be able to overcome Citrus 1.0's constraints with a new governance structure and compatible smart contract. With the new and advanced smart contract, it becomes easier to overcome any future technological downturns and easily implement the coming upgrades and stay up-to-date with the trends of the industry.

02 Community participation:

Citrus 1.0 lacked active involvement of the community while 2.0's primary purpose is to foster community engagement while also exploring uncharted territory in the Blockchain and Web3 sectors.

03 Increased opportunity for Investors:

Citrus 2.0 will offer new tokens to investors in exchange for the old citrus token. Furthermore, Citrus token will be limited in supply. Like Bitcoin citrus will also be deflationary in nature which also leads to greater value providing to investors in future.

04 Citrus Mega ecosystem:

The entire citrus ecosystem appears linked to the single window. Citrus 2.0 will be able to overcome the shortcomings of Citrus 1.0's ecosystem breakdowns by introducing better solutions in the web3 world through new blockchain-based independent initiatives.

Let us drop a quick look at the challenges of CITRUS 1.0 & the solutions of CITRUS 2.0:

> Challenges of citrus 1.0 and solutions of citrus 2.0:


  • Citrus 1.0 made it harder to explore different web3 and crypto projects and actively engage the blockchain community.

  • Furthermore, creating a super app like Citrus Ecosystem seemed to be a hard target with the constraints of Citrus 1.0.

  • For Citrus, community representation in product development and feedback loops is essential and with the former version, it was difficult to get an adequate response.

  • To provide the community the access to cutting-edge projects and new features, we will need to regularly upgrade the software with new versions to add enhanced functionality, which was not achievable with the previous version of smart contract included at the time of launch of citrus 1.0.

  • Citrus' goal is to simplify Web 3.0 by integrating everything in a unified platform, which was difficult with Citrus 1.0 and an unadoptable smart contract.

  • Aside from that, the current governance framework might not be favorable in the future because voting rights were split across amongst selected parties only.

  • One of the major reasons to pursue Citrus 2.0 was when citrus 1.0 was launched, the possibility of a massive response from the Blockchain community was overlooked and perhaps it was becoming progressively impossible to integrate such an active participation in the ecosystem.


  • The upgraded Citrus 2.0 allows us to touch and explore new web3 and blockchain territories.

  • Furthermore, citrus 2.0 is now ready to assist communities and users in integrating into the larger citrus ecosystem.

  • The Citrus community will be able to actively engage and have a stronger voice in the Citrus ecosystem with the adaption of a new governance architecture and compatible smart contract.

  • Citrus 2.0 will have more transparency and trust, with new communal voting rights and token burning authority, assuring collaborative decision making and enhanced security of investors' crypto assets.

  • Citrus 2.0 will grow with Citrusverse's; a big entrance into the Metaverse and new breakthrough features in current committed citrus project list.

  • The new citrus token, like bitcoin, has a limited supply and is now deflationary, providing additional value to investors.

  • The upgradeable smart contract structure of citrus 2.0 will allow the inclusion of additional features and an overall improvement in user experience at any point of time further.

  • The new smart contract will also be examined by the top smart contract audit companies in the globe.


Citrus 2.0 is indeed a greater version demolded by the makers of the former citrus ion. By adapting the new technological trends and taking help from recent innovations, Citrus 2.0 is set to soar new heights and better achievements in a short span of time.

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