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What's new in Citrus 2.0?


The new wave of innovation and technological advancements brings us back to the beginnings of CTS TOKEN.; citrus 1.0 but with a twist of updates and a tint of modernization in technologies like smart contracts.

Well, the first line makes you wonder what underlines the establishment of CITRUS 2.0 & why is it important to join the newly updated and upgraded citrus 2.0.

Let’s shift the gears and take a reverse to the inception of CITRUS 1.0;

> Citrus 1.0 Flashback:

Citrus 1.0 was introduced with an aim to fill in the loopholes prevailing in the decentralized crypto ecosystem and blockchain-based games. Citrus analyzed and anticipated the possible issues that arise in the crypto sphere surrounding the lack of openness, credibility, and a user-friendly interface along with additional web 3 opportunities.

Howsoever, when CITRUS 1.0 was launched the enthusiastic tech-heads and makers overlooked the possibility of such an overwhelmed response from the community and thus did not incorporate the use of upgradable smart contract in the creation.

The lack of an upgradable smart contract restricted the active participation of the users in the citrus ecosystem, Improvement in existing products & also tap into the new opportunities in web3 & blockchain space.

With an idea of reframing the existing CITRUS 1.0 by employing a new governance system accompanied by a compatible smart contract, and an opportunity to tap into additional opportunities in the web3 & Blockchain industry, Citrus makers decided to introduce CITRUS 2.0.

Citrus 2.0 overcomes all the limitations of citrus 1.0 and is ready to on-board the active community to closely witness all the new and amazing features and simultaneously experience the prime facets of web 3 industry.

Watch out, what Citrus 2.0 brings on the community platter;

> Overview of Citrus 2.0:

01 Citrus Wallet:

Citrus has developed a solution to today's crypto security breaches by introducing a decentralized wallet. Precisely in response to the frequent collapse and bankruptcy of big tokens, a few security concerns, such as where to keep the tokens safe, how to store them, and so on, have indeed been raised.

Citrus has chosen to provide an improved and secured decentralized wallet for all crypto enthusiasts in order to address these problems!

Citrus wallet is a new kind of cryptocurrency wallet that is simple to use and interacts with all platforms while keeping your tokens safe. The wallet is built on a multichain wallet, which means it will be compatible with any blockchain. It has an exchange integration so you may simply convert your tokens to different currencies.

It will provide military-grade protection for your digital assets, allowing you to relax knowing your data is secure. Furthermore, the user-friendly design makes it simple to manage your transactions easily.

Users of the wallet will have automatic and safe management of their private keys across several networks for their various currencies and tokens. Using citrus wallet will not be a time-consuming operation.

02 NFT Marketplace:

With the establishment of NFT marketspace, citrus’s goal is to redefine the challenges gazing in from the monopoly of popular artists in the space. This NFT marketspace identifies the true worth of each one. Here, you'll find the most authentic and meaningful art streaming on the polls and on the banners. It helps many artists break free from the barriers that prevent them from realizing their untapped potential.

There are unlimited collections under various categories and by filtering the needs and requirements, one can easily find the most suitable NFT in a matter of seconds.

Different from its competitors, this NFT marketplace does not restrict itself to a specialized genre or limit its deals. It has spread its wings over all sorts of niches, which gives the artist an edge over finding everything on the same platform, saving a considerable amount of time.

The NFT market is more than just creating, buying, and selling NFTs in exchange for Cryptos. It can provide new sources of income that directly contribute to the improvement of your total wealth structure. The most significant advantage for all participants is that they can easily trade into any trending NFT and enjoy the utilities it provides.

03 Compatible Smart contract:

When developing software, we frequently need to release new versions to add new functionality or bug fixes. There’s no difference when it comes to smart contract development. So ,if we want to improve our product, an upgradeable smart contract is needed with some constraints on updates.

This updated version of the smart contract incorporates the in-trend technological swifts and is progressively designed to undertake any future upgrade or technological downturn. This smart contract enables two mutually distrusting parties to deal without the interference of a third party.

In smart contract , With new collective voting rights and token burning authority, there will be more transparency and trust, ensuring collaborative decision making and greater security of investors' crypto assets. Furthermore, we are ensuring that the new smart contract is audited by the world's leading smart contract audit firms.

04 Citrus Blockchain:

With the introduction of blockchain technology, a new wave of businesses has developed, challenging the boundaries of traditional working systems. In today's infrastructure of crypto sector, there are several Blockchains that are fixing various technological difficulties. However, there are certain unresolved issues that needs to be duly addressed.

Citrus intends to position itself as a pioneer in all aspects of blockchain technology by introducing it’s very own blockchain. Citrus has chosen to create its own blockchain, that will be underpinned by a strong foundation of smart contracts that will withstand future technology downturns.

Citrus blockchain will be totally based on the principle of decentralization, allowing for seamless trade operations to be carried out with no mistakes.

The blockchain is set to advocate the following issues:

>Standardization and interoperability: There are several blockchain platforms and solutions, each with its own set of protocols, code languages, consensus methods, and privacy precautions.

Some blockchain initiatives are attempting to create consistency in some of the above listed aspects. Citrus blockchain will handle this issue in practically every way listed above.

> Seamless integration with non-blockchain systems: While many forward-thinking firms want to include blockchain into their operating mechanisms, the difficulty is that they must completely redesign their system.

Citrus blockchain, on the other hand, enables smooth integration using blockchain bridges, which quickly transport critical data between blockchain and non-blockchain applications.

As the industry expands, venture capitalists are increasingly investing in blockchain technology, which will allow citrus to tap into a larger pool of cash in the near future.

The list of benefits is endless, wait till you witness the final launch.

05 Metaverse/ Citrusverse:

Citrus seeks to create a one-of-a-kind metaverse based on more realistic techniques and scientific strategies. Citrusverse is an interesting pilot concept for producing real-life digital interactions.

Citrusverse will redefine metaverse and commit itself to provide exceptional features and facilities to the community.

Citrusverse will allow users to do their everyday tasks in half the time it would have taken them in the real world. There’s much more in the going under the work in citrusverse, but to witness the whole of it, we will have to hold on for some time more.

06 Limited Supply & new governance system

The limited circulating supply feature of CITRUS 2.0 makes it deflationary in nature, providing increased value to citrus token holders in the long run. The new governance system of Citrus 2.0 will be equipped with advanced communal voting rights and token-burning authority, that will take into account collaborative decision-making with enhanced security of investors' crypto assets.

In simpler terms, no single authority can take the decision of burning tokens, the decision will be based on collective voting without any bars of biasness.

Closing thoughts!

With exceptionally new and emerging projects on the checklist, CITRUS 2.0 is ready to invade into the crypto domain with a bang!

Keep your excitement holding as CITRUS 2.0 gradually unfolds the blanket of innovations.

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