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Citrus Is Back With Another New Listing On Bitmart


In the lead-up to the next milestone, Citrus and its community are experiencing an enthralling time. The ecosystem is rife with competition and challenges, which makes it obvious to constantly provide value to the community.

After pondering over this notion, we decided to list the tokens on another popular crypto exchange and prep the community members for the journey ahead. The purpose of adding citrus tokens to BITMART exchange is to provide our users with more platforms to access the tokens easily.

Throughout the course of its existence, Citrus constantly raises the bar of proficiency by making additions to the map as well as bringing in new feature enhancements. As a result, it is back here bringing another new exchange listing to the investors and community for their convenience.

Let’s find out more on why citrus patches its batch on BITMART EXCHANGE;

About BITMART Exchange:

Launched in 2018, the exchange has become one of the top and globally trusted crypto exchanges. BITMART has rapidly gained a solid reputation and strong competitiveness in the global digital assets trading market by serving their clients and users with the finest service.

Among the most reputable names in the crypto industry, BitMart is the name that stands out the most. BitMart stands out with its reliability and quality, and Citrus shares those traits as well.

As of now, BITMART offers over 400 categories of digital assets. Users of BITMART can pick their favorites from more than 440 trading pairs, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Yield Farming, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Storage, and many more.

In the wake of the popularity of meme coins, BITMART was one of the first exchanges to list trending SHIB, which had a ROI of 1244.89 %.

The achievements and progress of BITMART are not by chance, but a result of its commitment to providing users with high-quality projects and assets. By adhering to a strict process when looking for exceptional projects, BITMART has been able to deliver excellent trading and investment experience to each of its users.

They provide token holders with trading discounts and other benefits on the exchange accompanied by 24*7 customer service, all of which are the best on the global crypto market. The exchange also added numerous new features over the years, including staking, lending, savings products, and derivatives trading.

With over 9 million users and a presence in over 180 countries, BITMART proves to be one of the most trustworthy and secure exchanges around.

The next question hovering in your mind would be why citrus chose to list on BITMART? Here’s why Citrus decided to list itself on BITMART EXCHANGE.


(01) Putting the fundamental pillars first;

Before listing any project, BITMART always focuses on the core principles to ensure only the most credible and exclusive projects are listed on exchanges for the users.

For every project, they conduct comprehensive analyses to assess its fundamentals, including the token economy, technology infrastructure, product application, financing situation, team background, and user base.

(02) Invest with Ease;

The process of using BITMART is very simple and easy to understand. Citrus strives to provide its community members with the highest level of comfort when performing their first trading transaction.

(03) Providing something beyond the project;

BITMART focuses on more than just the project itself. According to them, a project should have a diverse ecosystem, an energetic community, and an effective marketing team. This gives the users a wide array of choices for selecting high performing projects.

(04) Compliance is the Bottom Line;

Last but not least, BITMART always strives to maintain its compliance status. Therefore, only tokens with obvious utility functions or features that meet security requirements are listed.

To give the community members a little brief; here are some details:


As citrus nears the listing on the most primer exchange, “BITMART” hold your excitements for a while till we disclose the essentials.

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