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CEO’s View : Why Citrus moving to Citrus 2.0


“Change is the only constant.” This is an ancient proverb that pertains to almost all sectors and so does to our rapidly emerging crypto industry, where fresh developments and trends are being established on a daily basis.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for projects to keep up with such developments and provide the best of everything to the community. The entire citrus team, along with the CEO, understands the implications of these shifts and is working to address the issues that are currently affecting the crypto sector. As an evident outcome, it has returned as a byproduct of remaining in the loop on anticipated improvements, featuring Citrus 2.0, the most recent version to benefit the investment community as a whole.

CEO’s View:

“Citrus 2.0 is developing to establish an ecosystem that makes Web 3.0 accessible to everybody.”

Citrus had a broad vision that included a wide range of features, but it wasn't sure if the industry was ready for such a major shift and if it would support the project progressively or not. With the existing system of citrus 1.0, dealing with such a large and solid reaction proved challenging. Hence Citrus 2.0 was created to address all of the shortcomings of the prior version.

What is new in citrus 2.0?

Citrus 2.0 has an upgraded smart contract & a new governance structure. It is also coming up with new product launches and global exchange listings. Citrus can now capitalize on new opportunities in the Web 3.0 area, which was the primary goal of Citrus; that is to make Web 3.0 accessible to all the Web user.

The new citrus token, just like bitcoin, will have a finite quantity and is will stay deflationary in nature, providing limited supply and benefit of increased future value to investors. Citrus 2.0 will provide investors with the new token in exchange for the existing citrus token.

What is citrus ecosystem?

Citrus ecosystem is comprised of a Citrus wallet, a Citrus exchange, games of different formats & themes, the NFT marketplace, the metaverse, & its own blockchain. All these products of citrus create a cross platform ecosystem which helps to make web 3 easy for everyday user. You can buy tokens and NFTs, play games, and engage with the metaverse all from a single interface.

What are different benefits of citrus 2.0?

  • With new upgradable smart contracts, new product releases and improvements to current goods are just around the horizon.

  • As decentralised applications (dapps) become more popular, they will need continuous upgrading. Citrus 2.0 will serve its optimal purpose in adapting and implementing those changes.

  • Upgradeable smart contract patterns will allow for the inclusion of additional features and an overall improvement in user experience, anytime required.

  • Citrus 2.0 will be more transparent and trustworthy as a result of new shared voting rights and token-burning power, allowing for cooperative decision-making and increasing the security of investors' crypto assets.

  • Citrus 2.0 will grow with Citrusverse's; a big entrance into the Metaverse and new breakthrough features in current committed citrus project list.


With the limits of Citrus 1.0, creating a super ecosystem seemed to be a difficult task. Citrus 2.0 is an improved version created by the makers of the previous citrus 1.0. Citrus 2.0 is set to fly to new heights and achieve more success in a short period of time by adapting to new technology trends and using current breakthroughs.

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